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December 2018

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It's Not the Housing Market, It's Lives

I watched a very special movie last night called Marley and Me. I can only describe it as a journey of a couple’s life that was joined
together with the addition of “Marley” the Dog. The story was peppered with plenty of important symbols of one family's journey played out through children, spouses, careers, choices and their three homes.

Each time the family relocated homes, life changes were evident. With the first home symbolizing the family's humble yet scattered focus. Their second home was more contemporary and symbolic of having arrived. While their third home, although not nearly as contemporary was stately, yet representative of their mutual direction and goals.

It was easy to see these homes represent their lives. During the movie ownership, if not stated, was certainly implied. Swims in the pool, surprise parties, football games out front, as well as destroyed couches by Marley, I could easily assumed their home ownership.

Today we hear about the housing crash. We listen to new home figures as though it is the stock market. Of course, we did the same thing when the market was overheated and we weren’t afraid to pay top dollar.

But we do not live in a market. We live in a home. It’s where we laugh and share beauty moments, we have children and raise good citizens. Walk down the street of any home in America and there is a story. And that story has little to do with home prices going up or down.

Instead you hear about Little League and dance recitals. SAT's and first dates. And, if Aunt Meg is going to bring that pie again for Thanksgiving. Triumph and despair. Love and heartbreak. The home is where the heart is, as they say.

It is mom throwing out your favorite pair of jeans, and little Katie picking all the Orange blossoms off the small orchard in the backyard. 'It was for a special project', she defends.

Or your discovery of the giant man size hole, designed to reach China. That is home ownership. Not lousy news. Or good news. And these things most likely only happen with ownership.

Sure we aren't interested in paying for something that will not pay us back somehow. But real estate always inches its way up on average. And here is a news flash: Put your money on the fact that in another ten or twenty years we will get another ‘sky is falling economic calamity’. We always do.

By that time you could be enjoying your baby going off to College. And the heartbreak of the quiet orderly room that once housed a teenager. Clamoring for memories of your baby who has just become a woman.

Today you know that with tax breaks and newly created tax incentives now is the best time to buy a home in years. Interest rates are historically low.

Look at your Realtor’s listings of homes for sale. Those textual details and 2 dimensional pictures don’t begin to tell the loving family stories that represent the lives lived in these homes. And now the existing homeowners are willing to give you a turn at creating your own life stories in a home that served their family all those years. The good news is it has never been a better and more affordable time to take them up on that offer than now.

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