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Homeowners’ Backyard Flooding Dilemma Solved

Recent Installation of Rinox Products Helps to Solve Homeowners’ Backyard Flooding Dilemma
Douglassville, PA, December 09, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The new construction of their home was a dream-come-true for the homeowners, but when construction of the home was complete, the owners yearned for two more options, an outdoor living space to enjoy their expansive yard and for their yard to not divert water toward the back door of their home.

The creativeness and expertise of Bob Jones at Carroll Landscaping was called upon, and did he ever deliver. Bob immediately noticed that the back yard sloped toward the home, causing a messy mud pit directly in front of the sliding glass door at the back of the home. Bob’s plan was immediate and deliberate. He designed two curved walls starting at the center point of the home, and bent those walls inward toward the corners of the home in order to divert the water downhill and to either side of the dwelling. Secondly, several tons of clean stone and drainage pipe were laid on the yard side of the wall to catch incoming rainwater runoff and divert it from the house. Rinox’s Rio Wall system was the right choice for this task. With its multiple sizes and ability to make a variety of curves, Carroll Landscaping knew it was the only option. The homeowners did not want a solid wall behind their home because they wanted access to the yard, both physically and visually, from all sides of the patio. Carroll Landscaping used a single step up into the yard as a break in the wall. To give a feeling of permanence, Rinox Rio Pillars were added to ends of the walls.

Using Palazzo Modulo as the paving system, with a Palazzo circle kit in the center of the patio for a beautiful focal point, it seemed as though two outdoor rooms were created. The homeowners planned their furnishings to establish both an outdoor dining and living area. With the addition of another Rio wall used as a partition, a small but functional grilling area was built. Relaxing, cooking and eating all with a view was more than the homeowners ever hoped for. With the help of Carroll Landscaping and Rinox Pavers, the bucolic rolling hills of northern Maryland never looked so good.

Source: rinoxpavers.com